Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Laundry Detergent Challenge

Change The World Wednesday on Reduce Footprints

My friends over at Reduce Footprints have started a campaign called "Change the World Wednesday."  Each Wednesday, they post a challenge to households to learn more about the products that they are using.  Today's challenge:  Laundry Detergent.  Since Celadon Road's #1 selling product is our Laundry Detergent, I thought this was a great challenge for me to take!!

Here's a closer look at Celadon Road's Laundry Detergent, answering the challenge questions as posed by Reduce Footprints (which are noted in green below).

The official product description:  With the essence of pure essential oils, it takes only 1-2 tablespoons of Celadon Road’s low-sudsing Laundry Detergent to work its all-natural magic on any dreaded laundry mountain! Use in regular or high efficiency washers.  An all-natural family formula, this detergent was originally created to ease the suffering of a child with eczema aggravated by commercial laundry products.

This week, please do an honest review of the laundry detergent that you are currently using. Do a little research on the list of ingredients to find out which are safe and which are not. 

The ingredients are:  Sodium Bromate, Soda Ash, coconut oil, clay powder, vinegar and essential oil.  You might not recognize the sodium bromate as an ingredient.  You probably know it better as Borax, which is a brand name for this item.  It helps soften water while it helps to whiten and deodorize clothes.

Another that you might not be familiar with is the Soda Ash, also known as Washing Soda.  Sourced from the ashes of plants, soda ash helps to fight stubborn stains and softens water.

Talk about how the product performs, especially in cold water. 

I only use cold water with my clothing and have never had a problem!  The detergent works equally as well in cold or hot water.

What kind of packaging does it come in. 

No matter the product, Celadon Road only uses packaging made from recycled materials and/or materials that can easily be recycled themselves.  The Laundry Detergent comes in a plastic tub that can be used for many other things around the house when it is emptied.  OR, if you choose, you can upgrade to the refill size, which comes in a lined, brown paper bag.

How does the price rank compared to other brands.

At $12 for 64 HE loads (or 32 standard loads), Celadon Road's Laundry Detergent is a great value.  Add to that, you won't need to buy fabric softener anymore and you are getting an even better deal!

So, as you can see, Celadon Road's Laundry Detergent passes the Change the World Wednesday test with flying colors!  And since it comes in a variety of scents, there is sure to be one that you and your family will love.  Buy yours today at

Monday, November 3, 2014

A New Catalog... A New Start

It's been a while since I posted here on my blog... over two years, in fact.  But with the start of a new Celadon Road catalog, I've decided to come back to my blog and have a fresh start here.

The goals of The Green Queen remain the same: to help others lead a greener, healthier, more socially responsible life.  It is a journey that I am on and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.  

I saw this quote not too long ago and it has really resonated with me, especially today and I begin this new dedication to writing.  The quote is:

I don't know who first said this, but I think that there is a lot of truth in this statement.  So often, we wait to make New Year's Resolutions and think that the change of calendar will somehow change our life.  It's the reason that so many gyms and weight loss centers are so busy in January.  We believe that a new year is going to put us on the straight-and-narrow.  And for some, that may work, but for most, our New Year's Resolutions are broken by February.

When I wake up each day, whether or not it is a new year or a Monday, I am thankful for the new start that I have been given.  I see the day as a new opportunity to be greener, healthier and more socially responsible.  I look forward to helping others do the same.

So as you face this Monday (or Tuesday or whenever), be glad for the day you have been given and make it the best that you can.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A REALLY Green Clean

Think you are using green cleaning products?  Better make sure that your cleaners aren't on the Environmental Working Group's Hall of Shame.  I was amazed to see a few supposed green cleaners listed there!  Not only will you see a list of products to avoid, but you will learn about "Green Washing" and "Banned" products that definitely aren't what they seem.

In the fall of 2012, EWG will release their full database of cleaners.  The Hall of Shame is just "the worst of the worst, so far."  Household cleaners can be SO dangerous for the humans and animals in your household.  I urge you to take a look at this list and KNOW before you shop.

Want to make sure that you are using green products without having to think about it?  Try Celadon Road's line of all-natural cleaning products.  Celadon Road has Innovator Status with EWG, so you know that they are a dependable, green company.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GREEN Social Networking

The following press release was sent out today from Ozoshare, a social networking website dedicated to connecting people, businesses and organizations concerned with the environment.  Happy networking!!

Ozoshare Launches as First Social Networking Platform For The Green World!

LOS ANGELES, CA – (08/07/12) - Ozoshare, the first social networking platform dedicated to the green world driven solely by the green interests of its members, marked its public launch today. The new site is the first and only private, secure, user friendly social network dedicated to the green community where members connect and share in an increasingly eco-focused world.

"People are realizing that the world 'going green' is no longer a choice but our responsibility," said Thomas Smith, partner, Ozoshare. "Going green is our responsibility for a healthy future and social networking is the current means of mass communication. Ozoshare is the ideal combination of both, it is one step ahead and is the vehicle where people and companies participating in the green world share and connect with others in an interactive, member-driven social media platform. It's the first social network of its kind for green community members at every level and category from personal interests to technologies and organizations."
Prior to official launch, grassroots promotions and people's green passions have built the Ozoshare site to over 3,000 members and growing daily. The site is ideal for green entities such as businesses, groups, organizations, federations, charities, institutions, websites, schools, universities as well as green individuals as they work to raise funds, gain support for green movements, buy and sell green products, educate on green topics and create green related partnerships.

Members share their green messages and missions while staying up to date with current green issues with the members they are "partners" (friends) with. Rather than complicating the experience with other social dimensions, such as the members' gender, parties or friends, Ozoshare provides a platform specifically for members via their green interests they designated on their Ozoshare bio (profile). Members can have a business page and/or a personal page and an unlimited number of "partners." Members can also create custom pages with personalized tabs that include their website, donation page, newsletter, mission statement, blog and more. Other Ozoshare members "approve" the pages they agree with and all can see the "approves" tally up, just like "liking" a page on Facebook.
Features include:
  • The Buzz: Electronic wall to log discussions and "buzzes"(posts) between partner.

  • Tree Mail: Inter-network private communication message channel.

  • Business-ready platform: Ability to own a personal and/or business page and have a limitless number of partners (friends).

  • Customization: Create unique pages with custom tabs within the "bio" section such as a website, donation page, newsletter, mission statement, blog, or other. Members can visit while on Ozoshare and "approve" them.

  • Multiple Accounts: Efficient multi-account management with the ability to "tab" through accounts without logging in and out.

  • Interest Aggregation: The Green Interest Page -- assembles interest-based content on the site via members green passions. This includes groups, events and members associated with specific green interests such as recycling, green technology, ecology, etc.
  • Pow Wows: An open, private or secret pow wow (group) customized and formed by the Ozoshare member via their desired "green interest." Members create, participate or search for Pow Wows to branch out further and share ideas, links, photos and video. Every member of a Pow Wow receives a "rooster" notification when there is a buzz (post). Privacy settings are customized by the Pow Wow administrator to set up an 1. an "Open Pow Wow" that anyone can view and request to join 2. "A Private Pow Wow" where anyone can view but only join through invitation or 3. "A Secret Pow Wow" which can not be found or viewed and joined only by invitation.
Julie Benz, known for her work on Dexter and Desperate Housewives and also a green/eco advocate, expressed support for the new green community.
"Ozoshare helps me learn how to live more eco-friendly and green. It makes me feel like a part of the green community and I can now share what I learn with others. Plus it's really simple to use. I really believe it's only a matter of time before other celebrities, organizations, and consumers find out about this exciting resource. Go green!"

According to Seth Leitman, green living expert at and provider of information and tips on Green Living; as well as the editor of McGraw-Hill's Green Guru Guides, "The green steamroller is increasing in momentum with individuals and companies accelerating the movement."

"Ozoshare provides a platform for the green world that allows for collaboration, discussions and activities in a way that really differentiates them from other social networks," said Leitman. "The ability to have multiple accounts under a single login with simple tabbing that really simplifies management. There is no limit to the number of partners (friends) that personal or business page owners can follow, removing the limits to collaboration. The biggest advantage of Ozoshare is that it is driven by green interests which link members to the people and organizations they want to connect with. This results in greater conversion for organizations and a more satisfying experience for individuals."

Ozoshare members using the "Ozo Seal" on their websites or marketing materials identify themselves as active in the green movement. While serving to increase a member's partner network with like-minded individuals it also serves as a brand of integrity and conscience. The "Ozo Seal," when clicked, directs the user to the bio page of the member on Ozoshare.

For more information on Ozoshare, please visit:

About Ozoshare
Ozoshare is the first "green" social networking platform to be driven solely by members with green interests. The green social network is available to businesses, organizations and individuals focused on eco-focused interests, activities and goals. Founded in 2011, Ozoshare is headquartered in Los Angeles and has more than 3,000 members. For more information, please visit:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Great, GREEN deal!

This was such a great deal I just had to share!  It helps you be green and saves you green at the same time!!

Head over to York Photo and you can get a customized, reusable grocery bag for just $1, plus shipping.  My shipping charge was only $3.99 so I got a great bag for less than $5.  Plus, you get 40 free prints when you register as a customer.  What a great deal!!

When you checkout, don't forget to use the coupon code YORKTOTEAD (which is case sensitive).  This offer ends on August 31st.

Have a great, green day!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My First Post

I'm so excited to launch The Green Queen, my very own blog dedicated to all things green!  Whether it is being green, making some green or saving some green, it will be covered here.  Watch for product reviews, recipes, tips and hints galore!