Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Laundry Detergent Challenge

Change The World Wednesday on Reduce Footprints

My friends over at Reduce Footprints have started a campaign called "Change the World Wednesday."  Each Wednesday, they post a challenge to households to learn more about the products that they are using.  Today's challenge:  Laundry Detergent.  Since Celadon Road's #1 selling product is our Laundry Detergent, I thought this was a great challenge for me to take!!

Here's a closer look at Celadon Road's Laundry Detergent, answering the challenge questions as posed by Reduce Footprints (which are noted in green below).

The official product description:  With the essence of pure essential oils, it takes only 1-2 tablespoons of Celadon Road’s low-sudsing Laundry Detergent to work its all-natural magic on any dreaded laundry mountain! Use in regular or high efficiency washers.  An all-natural family formula, this detergent was originally created to ease the suffering of a child with eczema aggravated by commercial laundry products.

This week, please do an honest review of the laundry detergent that you are currently using. Do a little research on the list of ingredients to find out which are safe and which are not. 

The ingredients are:  Sodium Bromate, Soda Ash, coconut oil, clay powder, vinegar and essential oil.  You might not recognize the sodium bromate as an ingredient.  You probably know it better as Borax, which is a brand name for this item.  It helps soften water while it helps to whiten and deodorize clothes.

Another that you might not be familiar with is the Soda Ash, also known as Washing Soda.  Sourced from the ashes of plants, soda ash helps to fight stubborn stains and softens water.

Talk about how the product performs, especially in cold water. 

I only use cold water with my clothing and have never had a problem!  The detergent works equally as well in cold or hot water.

What kind of packaging does it come in. 

No matter the product, Celadon Road only uses packaging made from recycled materials and/or materials that can easily be recycled themselves.  The Laundry Detergent comes in a plastic tub that can be used for many other things around the house when it is emptied.  OR, if you choose, you can upgrade to the refill size, which comes in a lined, brown paper bag.

How does the price rank compared to other brands.

At $12 for 64 HE loads (or 32 standard loads), Celadon Road's Laundry Detergent is a great value.  Add to that, you won't need to buy fabric softener anymore and you are getting an even better deal!

So, as you can see, Celadon Road's Laundry Detergent passes the Change the World Wednesday test with flying colors!  And since it comes in a variety of scents, there is sure to be one that you and your family will love.  Buy yours today at